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Workers' Compensation

OAWJ knows that early diagnosis and prompt treatment of injuries are key to returning workers to the job as soon as possible — reducing medical costs and time lost from work. We provide medical care to injured workers, while keeping employers and insurance carriers apprised of treatment and progress.

Sports Medicine

Our goal is to provide the quickest evaluation and most effective treatment regimen to enable an injured athlete to return safely to his or her sport. We use the latest, minimally invasive surgical techniques, when necessary, and ensure that coaches and trainers are informed of the athlete's condition and prognosis.

Spine Surgery

Our treatment stresses conservative management of spinal conditions. When indicated, we can also provide effective surgical intervention, including disc surgery and spinal fusion.

Total Joint Replacement

OAWJ uses the latest techniques in joint replacement surgery, including minimally invasive procedures when indicated. Rapid return to your daily routine is our goal.

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